A) Counseling / Legal Guidance of under trial Prisoners:

Al-Birr Foundation has a panel of advocates that provide professional legal services on an honorarium basis. They interact with inmates, understand their legal issues pertaining to their cases and identify the cases that are in need of support. We generally work with non-habitual first-time offenders accused or convicted of petty crimes and we provide them with legal aid for releasing them on bail, for modification of bail terms and orders, and reduction of bail amount if unreasonable. We work to obtain the following information about each accused or convicted individual:

         i.        Personal Details

       ii.        Family Background

      iii.        Case details in terms of nature of offence

      iv.        Past history (in case any)

        v.        Reasons why s/he felt compelled to commit the offence

Based on the above information, further process is initiated.

B) Home visits:

For the purpose of Home Visits, Al-Birr Foundation works with its staff and some volunteers towards verifying information and obtaining necessary documents from the family members and relatives of the accused. During home visits, the team of Volunteers verifies the residential address, family support and behavior of the accused from community resources. Even after securing the bail, our teams regularly visit the discharged individuals’ home and work place to make sure such individuals are preparing for the challenges on their to the community and society.

C) Bailing out process through Courts:

Al-Birr Foundation has a Panel of Advocates. After selection of case for Legal Aid, our volunteers collect information from the family, police and community resources. Our advocates make bail applications, if bail has been granted and if it is more than the means of the accused we apply for reduction or modifications of bail order. Then we arrange and pay the cash bail amount. We have so far helped to release 115 under trial prisoners on cash bail, since the year 2013. There are also cases where the accused under trials remain in jails after getting bail just due to non-payment of fine amount. We pay the fine amount and the bail is granted to them. The list of such under trials, whose lawful release was facilitated by the efforts of AL Birr Foundation, is enclosed herewith as Annexure-I.

D) Reformation & Rehabilitation of under trial prisoners:

After the release of the under trial either on cash bail or payment of fine or personal bond they visit our office and gives us a “Letter of Promise” that the accused would not commit further crimes. This is the joint promise and responsibility made by the accused as well as his family members. We also refer the accused to other NGO’s depending on the conflict situation of the accused, i.e. Drug / Alcohol addiction. We also help them to get jobs according to their resume.